To Be Counted Among Men | November 2013

Amidst the social and sexual pressures of his peers, Jack attempts to re-establish himself after the breakdown of his relationship.

To Be Counted Among Men is a narrative drama concerned with examining sexual pressures and gender roles amongst males and females in their twenties. The film explores how imperative sexual performance is deemed to be in demonstrating ones masculinity/femininity.

Featuring: Gabriel Briggs | Mia Landgren | Lucy Gransbury 

Director/Writer: Caspar Conrick
Writer: Alex Byers
Producer: Stephanie Westwood
Co Producer: Jack Wilson
Production Manager: Annie Thiele
Cinematographer: Klayton Stainer


Production Designer: Ellie Rava
Costume Designer: Georgea Turner
Sound Designer: Jon Bergen 
Original Music: Vanderlay
Colourist: Daniel Stonehouse
Editor: Max Pollard