'Scapegoat | November 2014

"Scapegoat is an audacious energetic production and The Sally Collective is to be commended for its willingness to flout convention and take risks" - Arts Hub


The quarter life crisis. We ask what it means, why it's here and why our mates are dying from it. What you get is a warehouse world where Footscray grit meets Neverland. Where five twenty-something year olds recognise their transition from kid to adult, only to set up camp on it's threshold. Rejecting a future in the 'real world' they leave to build their own. A refuge of stars, play time, mess and forget where dreams take their last bloody try at reality before deciding if Peter Pan really has fucked off without us. 

'Scapegoat played at The Grange Warehouse in Melbourne's CBD in late November 2014. 

Featuring: Molly Dyson | Brendan Snow | Leo Thompson | Soren Tromp | Eidann Glover 

Directed & Devised By: Rhys James | Hannah Monson | Caspar Conrick
Stage Manager: Caspar Conrick
Set Design: Angus Warren
Lighting Design: Travis McFarlane
Marketing: Sophie Booth