My Brother The Only Child | April 2017

There are two kinds of men in this world and you're neither of them. 

Fathered by separate men and raised by an absent, drug addled mother, Josh and Zack fight to keep their heads above water in whatever ways they can. As the reality of their lives take hold in their mid 20’s, Josh is keen to cut ties with his past and start anew. 

Featuring: Leo Thompson | Rhys James | Stacy Camilleri 

Director: Caspar Conrick
Story: Leo Thompson
Screenplay: Caspar Conrick
Producer: William Zanzinger
Cinematographer: Aaron Farrugia
Original Score: Nick Dudek & Vanderlay

Production Design: Elle Kallista
Hair & Makeup: Sam Pearce
Sound Design: Artie Blakeney
Editor: Camille Lopez
Colourist: Ciara Gallogly